Simone Blomberg in the HR* Alto 5M and HRA1 POWER RING

Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine 1.2020

POWER RING Wins Top Ranking! – SPRING 2020

Carlo Muscat

Martin Kaiser on the POWER RING ligature

JodyJazz Joey DeFrancesco

Joey DeFrancesco

“Vintage mouthpieces have their mystique, but they’re a big gamble especially for the price. And in fact is it’s very difficult to find a good one, and that’s just frustrating. JodyJazz mouthpieces are simply the best saxophone mouthpieces in the world. Everyone one you play blows flawlessly. Whatever sound you have in your mind can come through. Although the Giant is my go to, I really dig them all. And they definitely will give you that fun, inspiring, musical, and spiritual trip. Naturally this makes complete sense, because Jody himself represents what that’s all about!”

Gary Clayton on the HR* Soprano 6* and HRS1 POWER RING Ligature.

Jacqui Sutton on the HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto 6 and POWER RING Ligature

Rick Bryant on the Power Ring

David Brown on the DV Tenor 6 and the Power Ring

Lisa G. on HR* Tenor and Power Ring