DV Tenor 6

My DV series arrived today — This mouthpiece is amazing!! I can’t believe the change in my sound at the first note. Thank you for fast service, great packaging, and a game-changing product!!

May 2014 Issue

“The range of sounds the Giant can produce is remarkable…..The response and tone were even in all registers, and articulation was nice and clean. And that’s not all: The altissimo range absolutely killed….it plays like crazy. Whether you prefer hard-rubber or metal, check out the Giant – there really is nothing else quite like it out there.”

June 2010 Issue

“DV CHI produces a robust well-rounded sound… broader tonal spectrum…effortless response.”

June 2010 Issue

“… the DV CHI has the most effortless playability of any mouthpiece I’ve ever encountered … the sound is earthy and full with a nice balance of edge and depth.”

February 2006 Issue

“… the most inspiring were the DV alto mouthpieces. Bright, full of harmonics and brassy without being shrill, the DV altos projected effortlessly in all ranges, with an especially wailing altissimo. It was easy to play quiet and low with a fat, full sound. Intonation was spot-on.”

Spring 2006 Issue

…responsive, …rich darkness and warmth,…plays well in all of the registers, and has a sweetness that compliments the naturally bright frequencies of the soprano.