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Anil Şalliel

“The DV series offers great design and great craftsmanship. For any style of music, the sound range is very beautiful. I love the hand work and the finish, I can say the same about the POWER RING Ligature.”

“You can play both jazz and funk with the HR* series and the altissimo is excellent without having to overblow. Take care of your mouthpiece because each one is hand-crafted…..a beautiful and great mouthpiece”

Vincent Thekal

“With my JodyJazz GIANT Tenor 7*, I can definitely develop and enjoy my own sound. Everything is clear from the bottom to the altissimo, I can have a warm sound, in every situation, from straight ahead jazz to fusion. About nuances too, playing pianissimo or fortissimo is both so easy. After trying so many different mouthpieces, I can say that I found my reference today.”

JD Allen

JodyJazz JD Allen

“A GIANT among mouthpieces. My Jody Jazz Giant 8 makes it easier to express honest human emotions, which is the ultimate goal for any artist; translating the four basic human emotions of Happiness, Fear, Anger & Sadness – onto his or her horn. This mouthpiece is helping me realize this goal.”

Miguel Angel Lous

“After listening to my teacher and mentor George Garzone, I was curious to know why he chose to use the JodyJazz mouthpiece. I have now had the pleasure of playing the DV Alto 8 and understand the flexibility and sound quality this mouthpiece offers. It’s especially great for the exploration of multi-phonics, high notes, and other sound possibilities on the instrument. The DV Alto makes it easy to interpret different musical styles such as Latin Jazz, Fusion, Funk and World Music with little effort. Thank you Jody for your scientific- mathematical research and for designing a variety of high-quality products and mouthpieces”

Kenny Shanker

“My JodyJazz HR* Alto mouthpiece allows me to get the sound I’m looking for and it feels incredibly comfortable to play on. There are so many little details and nuances that I can only get on this mouthpiece. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Nicole Johänntgen

“On my baritone I play the JodyJazz mouthpiece HR 7 and it feels very comfortable. It has a warm and rich sound.
I can play very soft and clear in the lower and higher part of my baritone. The intonation is great. Above all JodyJazz makes it very easy to switch from alto to baritone to soprano in seconds without any barriers.”

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