HR* Alto was powerful, had great projection, bright, warm, free blowing, modern sound, and beautiful rails!

I find that the JodyJazz HR* Alto piece was powerful, had great projection, bright, warm, free blowing, modern sound, and beautiful rails!

Andrew Clark

“Just got my new 8* Super JET for tenor. I had high expectations and they were completely blown out of the water. This is hands down the best mouthpiece I have ever played on. I had been playing on an Otto Link 7* for years. As soon as I blew the first note through the Super JET, I was instantly in love. The clarity in my tone has reignited a passion I hadn’t realized I lost. I literally jumped up and down I was so happy 😂 Great work Jody Jazz!!! Also, do yourself a favor and go buy this mouthpiece. Like now. Why are you still reading?”

Rachelle Romeo on Super JET Tenor 8*

WOW!!! The Super Jet is incredible!!! I wanted to make sure It was great right of the bat but when I to the softer reeds …Holy *%$#[email protected]!! Was exactly what flew out of my mouth. I used it on three gigs, one loud fast and high funky blues gig and then two quiet type of gigs. I was worried about being able to play quiet not having played on it for very long but it was fine. I felt like I was driving a Ferrari and if you just barley step on the accelerator, it takes off!

Joe Hrbek

I have been playing my Super Jet for almost a year and I can’t tell you how happy I am with it. It is a surprising good match with my Conn 6M. Big and bright when I want it and soft and sweet too with a beautiful low register. Easy to articulate and a joy to play. Have tried others recently but nothing beats the Super Jet. Thanks Jody!

Mike Peele on the Super Jet Tenor 7*

Having a blast playing your Super Jet Tenor Mouthpiece. I can now hit those double high A’s (G concert) playing along with Junior Walker. And I can gliss off into the stratosphere into Lenny Pickett territory. Great mouthpiece!

Thanks for the great work,

Mike Peele
Pittsboro NC

Darrell Myles on the JET Alto and Tenor

Jody, the work you guys are doing with saxophone mouthpieces is fantastic. I recently purchased the Jody Jazz Jet Alto & Jody Jazz Jet 6 Tenor saxophone mouthpieces which are very easy to blow and has excellent projection, and I am totally in love with both! I live in an apartment complex and I don’t have to blow hard to produce a sound, amazing! I’ve played Dukoff, Otto Link, Brilhart, Vandoren V16 for Tenor and more and none of them tops your mouthpieces! Someday I will puchase the DV New York model for my darker sounds.

Thanks Jody, Darrell E. Myles

* and by the way, I was convinced through your YouTube videos

Daniel Jones on the Super Jet Tenor 10*

Just received the mouthpiece today and instantly started playing it. This is by far the best mouthpiece I have every played. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on the JodyJazz Jet… But this… The JodyJazz Super Jet Tenor has far exceeded my expectations.

Just like the the JodyJazz Jet it has the nice bottom end, but the precision and design up into altissimo truly make this JodyJazz Super Jet Tenor.

Thank you!

Richard Ullman on the Super Jet Tenor

Awesome mouthpiece. “Step aside and unleash the power of the Super Jet mouthpiece. Let your spirit soar”.

I had so much fun playing this mouthpiece, I didn’t want to put it down. I could concentrate on content, period. I was able to keep my embouchure in a neutral position and just play.

So much coming out of the horn, volume, power and control. I could also back off and play it quietly. Bottom of the horn great. Altissimo great. For me, it’s all there now. This tenor mouthpiece gives me everything I want and plays so much better then any others I have ever owned or tried. It’s like a DV on steroids.

Great addition to Jody Jazz Mouthpiece.

Thank you.

Rich Ullman – Maine, USA

Gregory B. Sneed on the DV and DV CHI

“Good day.
I hope this email finds its way to Jody. He will with all likelihood have zero remembrance of me; zero. At the age of 53, I began taking music lesson here in CT and learning to read music. At approx. 22 months, I purchased my Yamaha, Custom EX and began researching mouthpieces. At some point I emailed Jodyjazz with questions and to my surprise, I received a phone call from Jody. In part, because of that call, I became a customer and purchased the DV for tenor. Rather recently, I purchased the DV Chi. You should know, that the customer service when I purchased my DV Chi was also outstanding. Other than the mouthpiece that came with the horn, Jodyjazz is the only mouthpiece I have ever owned. I thought you’d like to know, that this summer, with 4 years of training I entered a new jazz competition and subsequently became the first winner, of the Hartford Jazz Society’s Emerging Jazz Artist competition (2017). I will begin my 5th year of training in February 2018 and as you know, I have a lot to learn, but I will be doing it with my JodyJazz mouthpiece.; Thank you for helping me to begin my journey toward fulfilling a dream. A loyal customer, Gregory B. Sneed (GB)”

Alan Sandilands on the HR* Bari 7

“Hi from the UK,

I have just purchased your HR* 7 Bari mouthpiece and had to contact you to say “What a Masterpiece”, a pure joy to play on. I have played Baritone Sax since around 1963, mainly using hard rubber Berg Larsens on 1930’s Conn X-Bar horns. Ten years back I sold my instruments but recently purchased a 1933 Conn Bari.

Saw your clip on YouTube and bought one via Gear4music, UK. Many thanks for this inspired easy blowing Baritone Mouthpiece, and your highly skilled dedicated craftspeople. I intend to let my Sax playing friends know about this.

Very best wishes for future success and prosperity, Alan Sandilands.”