Paul Schneidmill on the DV NY Tenor 7*

Dr. Roosevelt Griffin III

Nicholas Hudson on the JET Tenor

“Was struggling with my Tenor Saxophone sound then I got the JodyJazz JET but was still missing something so I switched from my synthetic reeds to a Vandoren green box reeds. This mouthpiece and reed combo makes my saxophone sound so good from top to bottom. It’s a bright powerful tone but still sounds like a jazz mouthpiece. I highly recommend this mouthpiece and if you still feel like something is missing due what I did and change your reed! I now have one on the way for my alto as well!”

Joe Gaudette on the HR* CUSTOM DARK 7

I recently purchased the HR* CUSTOM DARK Tenor mouthpiece. I’m sure you hear this from everyone but just to add my 2 cents, it’s awesome – I’m finally hearing the sound I want to hear and practicing is something I now really look forward to. For me it’s a bit more special since due to day job requirements I had to put the horn down for 7 years. I had previously played professionally for decades. But, I retired this year and have been able to get back to playing.”

Ian on the HR* Alto

“Have been playing this mouthpiece in Big Band for 2 years now. I love the dark free blowing sound! This mouthpiece allows me to always produce the sound I am looking for. Thanks Jody!”

Keith W. on the HR* Alto 6M

“I am so thankful I found Jody’s mouthpieces. I just purchased the HR* 6M. It is by far the most perfect mouthpiece I have ever played. Coupled with the D’Addario Select Jazz 2M Shaved, the piece sings. Jody’s demo video is no joke. The mouthpiece Is capable of producing many different tones; all sustainable and consistent. The power ring is a great add on, and allows the reed to vibrate beautifully. It loosens a little when I adjust the mouthpiece on the neck. Easy to reposition, though. Overall: Perfect for me.”

Patrycja Tempska on the DV NY Alto 6

“Dear Jody,

Thank you again. I ordered DV NY Alto 6 for a trial period from Michal’s store and it just arrived today. It’s such a wonderful mouthpiece with beautiful sound. Surprisingly, the intonation on my old alto conn is even a bit better than vintage otto link florida — and I thought nothing would be better than that.

I’m certainly not going to send it back. 🙂 Now I’m curious about the custom dark but I will hopefully try it on another occasion.”


Jeff Kashiwa on the HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto and Tenor

“The JodyJazz HR* CUSTOM DARK mouthpieces for tenor and alto have the sound I’ve been wanting for years.
In the past I have played the Jody Jazz DV 7* tenor and DV 7 alto metal mouthpieces. They are great pieces, but I have been wanting the ability to go even darker, richer and warmer with my tone particularly in the studio and on straight ahead jazz gigs.

The HR* CUSTOM DARK mouthpieces have a perfect balance of responsiveness and even resistance through the entire range of the horn through the altissimo. Most importantly they produce a warm yet detailed sound that is very inviting.
Simply put, I love playing them!”