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Jun Jeong

“When I played the JET Tenor mouthpiece for the first time, I couldn’t believe my sound. My sound was completely wide open and extended. I had tremendous change to my tone just by changing a mouthpiece. No need to worry, if you want a better sound, go get the JET Tenor mouthpiece right away!”

Ryan Middagh

“I love my JodyJazz mouthpieces. Their distinct design and characteristics unlock remarkable tonal possibilities, allowing me to unleash the instrument’s deep resonance and captivating timbre. With rich tones, exceptional projection, and nuanced expression, this mouthpiece elevates the playing experience to new heights.”

Claudio Cardito

“My JodyJazz mouthpiece improves my sound. With my HR* Tenor 11 mouthpiece I can blow as loud as I want, confident that it will always respond well, powerful and with deep projection. But also sweet and deep. It is very natural and flexible. I can play as many different styles as I want and keep my personal sound. But using it within my music I have found the truth. I haven’t changed mouthpieces in a long time and I thought I had found the right set up for me. This I thought before I tried JodyJazz for the first time. Now I am so pleased with it that I decided to get the HR* Tenor 10* with the HRT1 Power Ring and Cap as well! I feel like a warrior preparing for battle every time I put it on my saxophone. Buy it now!”

Samantha Wright

“It’s said that the clarinet is the closest sounding instrument to the human voice, which is a quality I find paramount while composing and performing music. I love JodyJazz mouthpieces because they really allow me to express myself fully without any resistance, and create a multitude of sounds and colors that honestly reflect the music I want to share. I had never considered changing my set up until I tried JodyJazz.”

Francesco Milone

“My JodyJazz SUPER JET Baritone 9 is sensational. An excellent and smooth sound quality. It is suitable for playing any musical style, in fact I can play jazz, pop and rock with a wide range of customization. It just feels natural and very flexible. I was used to having different mouthpieces until I tried JodyJazz for the first time: this will be the only one from now on.”

Sam Greenfield

“The JodyJazz SUPER JET Alto 7 has truly changed the game for me. In my long hunt for the perfect mouthpiece, I haven’t found one that offers the same ease and comfortability as this one. I’ve also never worried less about whether or not an altissimo note will come out. When I really need to cut, I can always count on my SUPER JET to take me where I need to go, without ever compromising my tone.”

Tim Stocker

“I’ve been playing JodyJazz DV 8 on Baritone Sax for close to 10 years after juggling a variety of vintage and modern mouthpieces. I am able to create and manipulate my sound for all kinds of musical styles and performance situations. JodyJazz gives me confidence to do what I need to on my instrument.”

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