Rafael Suncar Reynoso

English Quote:

“The main problem with searching for mouthpieces is finding happiness in one of them, but the truth is in JodyJazz mouthpieces. I personally can say that the first time I played a JodyJazz mouthpiece I could feel a big difference in sound, comfort to play, presence, strength and stability in all registers throughout the instrument and that is without forgetting the amazing construction, elegance and beauty that the mouthpiece has.

I play the JodyJazz Super Jet 8. The comfort and power is awesome. I can be playing any kind of music and it’s the same. JodyJazz mouthpieces are totally the best choice for every saxophone player. Once you try it, you’ll fall in love.
Other points that are very important: each mouthpiece is made with the dream of bringing happiness to all those who join and enjoy this great and incredible mouthpiece. I tell you this from my own experience!!

Thanks to JodyJazz for the opportunity to be a part of this Great Family!!


Spanish Quote:

“Bueno … El principal problema con la boquilla es encontrar la felicidad en uno de ellos, pero la verdad está en JodyJazz Boquilla. Yo personalmente puedo decir que la primera vez que toqué una boquilla de JodyJazz pude sentir la gran diferencia “Sonido, comodidad de jugar, presencia, fuerza y ​​estabilidad en todos los registros sobre el instrumento, eso sin olvidar la increíble construcción, elegancia y belleza Boquilla tiene “.

Juego JodyJazz Super Jet y la comodidad y el poder es impresionante. Puedo estar tocando cualquier tipo de música y es lo mismo, termino diciendo “ la Boquilla JodyJazz es totalmente la mejor opción que cada saxofonista. Una vez que lo intentes, te enamoras.
Otros puntos muy importantes: Cada boquilla está hecha con el sueño de llevar la felicidad a todos aquellos que se unen y disfruten de esta gran e increíble boquilla. Te diré esto por tu propia experiencia !!

¡Gracias a JodyJazz por la oportunidad de pertenecer a esta Gran Familia !!


Yainer Horta

“It was love at first note. As soon as I played JodyJazz HR soprano and tenor 7* I knew that I found what I had been long searching for. The versatility and flexibility of the HR models are so unique and effective for the player that it gives me that big, warm and joyful sound without sacrificing pitch or control. I am very grateful to Jody Espina and his wonderful team for making JodyJazz mouthpieces a dream come true for saxophonist like myself.”

Victor Mirallas

I just bought a JodyJazz HR* Tenor 7* mouthpiece from the Sax On boutique from Barcelona. I’ve only had time to shed for three hours, but it’s enough to realize I discovered a new sound with my tenor. The range between pianissimo and my comfort zone is super obvious; I can play softer than ever and enjoy the difference of dynamics with a comfortable feeling. I’ll keep playing products from JodyJazz, because it makes a difference.

Wally West

“The JodyJazz HR* mouthpieces that I use on both alto and tenor sax and the Classic Black mouthpiece I use on soprano are the epitome of “complete” for the type of playing that I do. The versatility that I’m called to perform, and hence demand of my mouthpieces — everything from straight ahead jazz and screaming R&B to classical symphony pops — is comfortably apparent through the effortlessness I experience with your mouthpieces. I think it is safe to say that the saxophone community should now feel at ease in cleaning out their drawers of unused mouthpieces. I know the ones on my horn now are the ones I’ll use from now on. Jody, thanks for sharing your gifts as a mouthpiece expert with us.”