Qiu Zhong Zhi

“I fell in love with my HR* CUSTOM DARK Alto as soon as I tried it at my first time. It never fails to give me the warm and dark sound I’ve been looking for. With the HR* CUSTOM DARK mouthpiece, I can also play all kinds of styles while still keeping my personal sound. So I’m very glad and proud to be a JodyJazz Artist.”

Arthur White

“My GIANT/POWER RING setup is the best mouthpiece/ligature combination I’ve ever played on, without question. I love the depth and versatility of tone I can achieve with the setup, especially the overtones that are present. It’s amazingly and immediately responsive, in every register, and at any volume. I never thought I could achieve the sound that’s in my head, and with my new gear from JODY JAZZ, I’m getting closer every day”.

Alvaro Cardenas Jr.

Vincent Thekal

“With my JodyJazz GIANT Tenor 7*, I can definitely develop and enjoy my own sound. Everything is clear from the bottom to the altissimo, I can have a warm sound, in every situation, from straight ahead jazz to fusion. About nuances too, playing pianissimo or fortissimo is both so easy. After trying so many different mouthpieces, I can say that I found my reference today.”

Phil Dwyer

“Because I play in many different styles I need a mouthpiece that has the flexibility to allow me to create the sound that I am hearing at any given moment. The GIANT Tenor 7* offers a great dynamic range and a broad tonal palette that lets me meet the musical demands of whatever musical situation I’m in.”

Hamilton Faria

“The incredible sound projection of my JodyJazz DVs has impressed me for years. I love the ease of tuning and super altissimo, as well as the beautiful harmonics you hear. JodyJazz mouthpieces are made from only the finest materials and the really stand up to the rigors of the road, playing night after night. I always feel my sound is always right there and effortlessly gives me the sound I need both in live shows and in recording studios. I first started playing the JodyJazz DV Tenor 7 when I was in London and because I love that so much have since also added the DV Alto 7 for my Alto.”

Arnie Krakowsky

“Just letting you know that the GIANT is the best Metal piece (can I say metal) on the scene today. Big, complex, huge, easy blow, reed-friendly and coming from rubber, it’s got a big comfort level. I had been playing a HR* hard rubber mouthpiece and wanted to go back to a metal after 10 years of playing it. I found it very hard to do until I played the GIANT. It has a profile of a hard rubber mouthpiece. After an hour playing it I thought I was playing a rubber piece. The GIANT has a beautiful sound with just the right amount of resistance. The spread on the bottom part of the horn is glorious. It is very reed friendly and has all the power I need and can go from double pp to ff in a heartbeat!! What else could you want in a mouthpiece?”

Arno Haas

“Many years i played the same mouthpieces and i didn’t thought that i will change at anytime – till i tried Jody’s hardrubber tenor mouthpiece at his booth in frankfurt! In ‚Äò07 i toured with Jason Marshall and played his hardrubber alto mouthpiece – the same effect again! What can i say? it’s just “more” – more sound, more equal, more power, more flexibility …- whatever music i have to play it‚Äôs possibile, i mean “more” than possibile! “

Dudley Owens

“The DV CHI might be silver plated but Jody Espina struck gold with this one. It has such clarity in sound it fills up the room in HD quality. The DV CHI is history in the making. I don’t know how Jody can continue to make such outstanding mouthpieces. Each mouthpiece is wonderful. The DV is so cutting edge you can really scream on it. The DV NY has such a mellow tone and sounds beautiful on a ballad. Then you have the DV CHI which is a cross of the two so get the best of both worlds.
Chicago is known for having such a robust sound and the DV CHI has truly captured the Chicago spirit.”

“The moment I played the DV soprano I knew that this was the best mouthpiece out. I have been searching for a mouthpiece that would be perfect for my Orlando soprano and I found it. I have played the same alto mouthpiece for 15 years and after playing the HR Alto and DVNY alto I cannot picture playing anything else. This is the best mouthpieces out by far. Playing these mouthpieces you will feel exactly how Trane felt when he played his link. But I think if Jody Espina was designing mouthpieces then he would have been playing the JodyJazz mouthpiece. Don’t let it pass you by.”