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EJ Hughes

“Using JodyJazz mouthpieces allows Me a freedom of expression and tonal balance that I haven’t found anywhere else. The full bodied tone and sonic purity of my DV mouthpieces bring me into a zone when I play, allowing me to easily draw from a range of influences, leading also to innovation, giving me the confidence to take chances sonically while playing and improvising with greater joy and intention.”

Petter Wettre

JodyJazz Artist Petter Wettre

“My JodyJazz mouthpiece is the perfect catalyst of all the nuances in my personal sound. It is a provider of depth and warmth. It has the perfect resistance, yet it still comes with a broad openness and plethora of overtones. It is the perfect tool in my quest for my ideal sound. It has been a solid companion for years and years, both in a studio situation and on the road. I hold it to very high standards.”

Andres Vicencio

“My JodyJazz mouthpiece has helped me to discover the sound I had been searching for over the years. Its flexibility and power have proven invaluable when tackling various musical styles. In fact, I began learning to play the tenor saxophone with a JodyJazz mouthpiece.”

“Mi boquilla JodyJazz ha sido fundamental para ayudarme a descubrir el sonido que había estado buscando durante años. Su flexibilidad y potencia han resultado invaluables al abordar diversos estilos musicales. De hecho, empecé a aprender a tocar el saxofón tenor con una boquilla JodyJazz.”

Anastasia McQueen

“The JodyJazz DV Alto 7 is a mouthpiece that instantly transformed my sound. It captures the exact tone I’ve been searching for and provides unmatched flexibility across musical styles. I never thought I’d switch mouthpieces until I tried JodyJazz. It’s become an essential part of my musical identity.”

Dave Wilson

“The HR* Tenor mouthpiece gives me the warmth of sound that allows me to access the full range of expression in the diversity of styles that I play. The sound is consistently big and rich, and also flexible enough for me to adapt to a wide variety of musical settings both as an artist and as a contributor to the projects of other musicians.”

Minhee Lee

“My JodyJazz mouthpiece has a beautiful deep sound. It has a very warm sound that is well suited for middle and low register playing. It’s also a great mouthpiece to play pop music, jazz music as well as Korean pop music. I’ll never get that beautiful sound from any other mouthpiece.”

Jun Jeong

“When I played the JET Tenor mouthpiece for the first time, I couldn’t believe my sound. My sound was completely wide open and extended. I had tremendous change to my tone just by changing a mouthpiece. No need to worry, if you want a better sound, go get the JET Tenor mouthpiece right away!”

Ryan Middagh

“I love my JodyJazz mouthpieces. Their distinct design and characteristics unlock remarkable tonal possibilities, allowing me to unleash the instrument’s deep resonance and captivating timbre. With rich tones, exceptional projection, and nuanced expression, this mouthpiece elevates the playing experience to new heights.”

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